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In 2012, TKU i Life was designed by colleagues and team of graduate students who were led by Mr. Ming-dar Huang, the head of Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIE). It’s launched at year-end to provide a care service to all professors and students. In 2015, Prof. Chih-Yung Chang from CSIE and his graduate students team had launched many new features. Currently, both English and Chinese version of TKU I Life can support Android and iOS 2 operating system. There’re 12 major and 47 minor features in total. Statistically, the top 10 favorite features by professors and students are Course Schedule, TKU Wifi, Examination Schedule, Mid-term or Final Grades, Academic Calendar, Campus Map, Tamsui Weather, Bus Info., Buildings’ Code No., The Five-Tigers Hill Court, and etc. Mr. Chin-hwa Kuo , the head of OIS(Office of Information Services) will lead the innovation of TKU I Life and continue to develop the application to provide professors and students practical features with quality.

Automatic sign in to TKU wireless internet.

Students are able to access their school timetable, examination timetable, Midterm and Final Scores, and changes in courses.

Teachers are able to access their teaching timetable, information of enrolled students, and changes in courses.

  • nstant Images: Instant Webcam: It provides instant views of various places within the campus. This includes bus stops, third floor of the Business and Management Building, various ball courts, track and field ground, and post office.
  • Bus Info.: Keeping track on the arrival times of buses nearby the campus.
  • Computer Lab AVAIL: Users can check out the vacancies of the respective computer laboratories.
  • Tamsui Weather: Users can monitor current weather report and weather forecast for the upcoming week.

Users are able to check on their borrowing records, latest updates on digital resources, and opening hours of the Library.

Includes the latest issue, schedule of upcoming lectures and events and recent photo albums.

  • Today's News: Today’s announcements and activities.
  • Recent Activities: Recent activities that are open for registration.

  • Acad. Calendar: Users can access the school calendar for the current academic year.
  • Campus Tel. Ext.: Provides services of internet voice chat, and the ability to inquire and dial the phone extension number of various departments.
  • Class Schedule: Cross reference of timetable period and time.
  • Campus Map: Map of Tamsui Campus.
  • Buildings' Code No.: Cross reference of the codes and names of various campus buildings.

Reviews and give feedback for the app development team.

Contact details, and information of the app development team.


Help Desk: 02-26215656#2468

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iOS English Version

Andriod Chinese Version

Andriod English Version